Top Chef Fantasy Foodball: Season 20 World All Stars

The Draft


Chefs Chosen Per Team

*If one of your Chefs is eliminated in the first two episodes, you may be able to pick up a new Chef from the “bench.”

Format: Strategy Draft

Each league will be comprised of 5 teams. Each team will select 3 Chefs during the Draft. Whoever has the most points (combined from all 3 of their Chefs) at the conclusion of the season wins!

Players will choose their Chefs one at a time until all Chefs have been picked.  If there are Chefs remaining after the Draft, they will be available for pick up from the “bench” after the eliminations in the first two episodes. The first-pick and remaining draft order will be selected by a game of chance, or you can use this randomizer tool to determine draft order.


Episode Scoring

Note: You do not lose any points if your chef is sent home.  Also, in a single episode a Chef cannot win both Elimination Challenge (+7) AND Top of Judge’s Table (+3).

  • Quick Fire Win

    +5 Points

  • Elimination Challenge Win

    +7 Points

  • Episode Sweep Bonus (Win QF & EC)

    +3 Points

  • Top Judges’ Table

    +3 Points

  • Bottom Judges’ Table

    -2 Points

  • Last Chance Kitchen Win

    +2 Points

Season Finale Scoring

The finale, which is categorized as the last episode of the season.

  • Making The Season Finale

    +15 Points

  • Winning Top Chef

    +30 Points