I’m a fan of Top Chef. I’m also a fan of fantasy football. It seemed only natural to marry the two. This site was designed by me over a particularly boring weekend. Fantasy Foodball League is exactly what you’re thinking: a fantasy football league for Top Chef.  Anyone is welcome to create their own league (for FREE) using the scoring rules on the homepage and leaderboard that I keep updated.  Just get some friends together, pick your chefs or draw them out of a hat, and you’re ready for glorious Top Chef-induced battle!

It’s free to join the league, though players are welcome to establish a buy-in for their league and structure payouts on bets for the winner(s).  If you shoot me an email, you could also probably talk me into putting your league’s standings on the leaderboard page!

Disclaimer: I do not condone gambling, unless it’s Top Chef-related.

-Commissioner Matt

P.S. I wrote this around Episode 3 and so far this has been a blast (even though my chefs are bombing)! May the best team win!

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